Vegan Shoes Guide

Vegan Shoes are taking the world by storm. And vegan shoe companies are truly killing it this season with gorgeously designed, cruelty-free, vegan footwear. Not so long ago, the closest thing that you would get to vegan shoes would be cheap faux leather or canvas shoes at one of your local big-box retailers. Today though, advances in fashion design and manufacturing mean that the world of vegan shoes has come a long way from the animal rights activism of years ago.

Vegan ShoesToday, there is a wide variety of Vegan Shoes available. People interested in compassionate fashion are flocking to brands such as Lily Miller and Ecko. These environmentally friendly shoe brands feature vegan leathers and tights, as well as vegan suede, nylons and breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. These vegan shoes have a subtle elegance that is missing from the typical black leather boots and knee-high rubber sandals worn by many people.

One popular vegan shoe brand that makes beautiful vegan shoes is Mother Nature Woven. This vegan shoe brand is all about style, grace and comfort; a balance of eco-friendly, ethical fashion that’s also fun and fashionable. Mother Nature Woven offers vegan leather shoes and vegan footwear in various styles – slip-on sandals, long boots, flat boots, peep-toe pumps, and denim, printed and embroidered styles.

Another vegan shoe brand that’s making waves in the world of fashion today is Mother Earth Woven. This vegan shoe brand was founded on the idea that animals on this planet are subject to constant abuse and suffer in unnatural ways. Their cactus leather shoes are made without toxic chemicals, including dyes, lanolin, polypropylene, artificial dyes, ethanes, urethane, or any petroleum-based solvents. As a result, vegan customers can feel comfortable knowing that their shoes are made without these harmful ingredients. Mother Earth and Mother Nature are synonymous with clean, sustainable fashion – and these shoes are just another step in the direction of that message.

PETA has been an inspiration to many shoe brands, including Mother Nature Woven and Mother Earth. Their efforts to end animal abuse through their products have been rewarded with celebrities, fans, and athletes such as kayaker Chris Bisson, tennis star Eugenie Granoff, and motivational speaker Boz Scaggs. With their recycled materials and recycled shoe designs, they are doing their part to save the world while making shoes that everyone will love. Other major shoe brands that use recycled materials with recyclable materials include Adidas, Converse, Nike, and New Balance.

When it comes to choosing Vegan Shoes or other vegan footwear, you have many wonderful options. Of course, your size will be a matter of preference, but you should find a vegan shoe to match your lifestyle, no matter your size. With your freedom to express your beliefs about how you want to live, your life will be more colourful!